The Fit Face Method | Can I create wrinkles with face yoga?
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Can I create wrinkles with face yoga?

“Can I create wrinkles with face yoga?” must be one of the most frequently asked and controversial face yoga questions of all time.

Yes, face yoga can cause wrinkles if done incorrectly. That’s why you need to understand how it works before buying any program. Facial exercise is one of the most potent natural rejuvenation techniques, but only if you do it right.

In order to get the best results, you need to have proper technique and follow the right sequence.

How does face yoga work?

Wrinkles are created when we repeat involuntary facial movements over long periods of time for example squinting in the sun or frowning when we read. Over time these creases deepen and become more visible. Other habits like sleeping, eating, not wearing SPF – they all contribute to forming different types of wrinkles. 

The main aim of face yoga is to gain control over your muscles and learning how to keep other overworking areas still. It teaches you how to isolate specific muscles while relaxing the others.  By doing controlled facial movements we strengthen our facial muscles and smooth wrinkles by bringing more volume to them.

For example, when we do our signature CHEEK BUILDER exercise, beginner face yogis tend to move their forehead and their eyes. By encouraging them to hold those areas still when isolating the cheek muscles helps them avoid any tension in the rest of their face. 

For a calming “cool-down” effect we do a gentle massage after each exercise to smooth out the skin and relax the face. Think of it as stretching after your gym session. 

How to avoid forming new wrinkles with face yoga

Don’t be scared of face exercises! Do your research and soon enough you’ll be able to separate good face yoga exercises from the bad ones.

If you’re following our face yoga program, pay attention to how your face behaves when you’re doing the exercises. If you see any part of the face wrinkling where it shouldn’t try to visualize and relax that muscle. It’s crucial to use a mirror until you’re confident you’re doing the exercises right. 

When you’re first starting with facial exercises, some of your muscles will be weaker than others. That’s why your whole face will try to help when you’ll start isolating specific muscles. Always start with the bigger muscles first because they’re easier to isolate and gain control over. Your cheeks, forehead, and neck are a good place to start.

Above all, be gentle on yourself and do only what feels right. Don’t try to force it if you feel pain or tension. Face yoga is not a quick fix – it’s a journey

Tips for face yoga beginners

TIP NR.1: Moisturize your skin! 

TIP NR.2: Have a mirror in front of you so you can see what you’re doing.

TIP NR.3: When isolating specific muscles pay attention to what the rest of the face is doing; hold those areas with your palms and fingers if you feel they are out of control.

TIP NR.4: Gently massage your face in upwards motions or tap your skin post-exercise.

TIP NR.5: End your face workout with practicing the relaxed “Buddha Face” posture – forehead relaxed, jaw unclenched and a soft smile to start the day

TIP NR.6: Try to enjoy the process and don’t worry too much. I’ve been doing the exercises for more than 8 years (improvising through the first 3) and I still didn’t form new wrinkles with face yoga.

I hope this was helpful! Please comment and share if you think someone could benefit from this information 🙂