Does Face Yoga really work? | The Fit Face Method
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does face yoga really work

Does Face Yoga really work?

Does face yoga really work? Is it effective?

Yes, face yoga or facial fitness is an ancient anti-aging technique that stimulates & builds the muscles of the face targeting issues like a saggy neck, puffy eyes and much more. Face yoga can make you look younger and healthier with some consistency and the right preperation.

The Fit Face method combines face exercises with face massage creating the ultimate face lift for those that would like to opt for a natural alternative. 

So how does it work? Let us take your through the techniques first so you can understand the process.

So what exactly is face exercise?

Facial exercises are a complete facial workout covering all the muscles of the face, which effectively improves skin tone, elasticity, reduces fine lines and detoxifies the skin. It is often overlooked that our face has over 50 muscles, which play a key part in our ageing process.

Exercising and relaxing those muscles on a daily basis will not only show immediate positive effects but will also allow you to maintain a youthful appearance for many years to come.

Short-term: Glowing skin, increased circulation, detoxifying for the face and increases the benefits of skin care products.

Long-term: Increased muscle strength, lifting of skin, opens up eyes, relaxes facial posture and sculpts the face.

What is face massage?

Face massage is manual muscle stimulation using mostly the hands and beauty tools. It’s an incredible addition to face exercise because it works on lifting up and stimulating the muscles by increasing circulation, collagen and getting more of the products into the skin. It also releases stress & anxiety as it’s super relaxing and is sort of like the ‘stretch’ after your face workout.

Make sure you take the following steps before you start your workout!

TIP NR.1: Moisturise your skin! Use our Glow Roller to get more product into the skin and gently exfoliate the face. Head to our shop to get this wonderful tool!

TIP NR.2: Have a mirror in front of you so you can see what you’re doing.

TIP NR.3: When isolating specific muscles pay attention to what the rest of the face is doing; hold those areas with your palms and fingers if you feel they are out of control.

TIP NR.4: Gently massage your face in upwards motions or tap your skin post-exercise.

TIP NR.5: End your face workout with practicing the relaxed “Buddha Face” posture – forehead relaxed, jaw unclenched and a soft smile to start the day

TIP NR.6: Try to enjoy the process and don’t worry too much. I’ve been doing the exercises for more than 8 years (improvising through the first 3) and I still didn’t form new wrinkles with face yoga.

We hope this was helpful for the question does face yoga really work ! Please comment and share if you think someone could benefit from this information 🙂