Beginner Level - 15 hours

Our Face Yoga Teacher Certification is a wonderful course for those who wish to learn holistic beauty techniques such as face exercises, self-applied face massage, facial acupressure and much more from global experts. The program is internationally accredited and suits both beginners and those looking for new inspiration for their current practice. Our platform is easy to use & gives you lifetime access to the content plus a supportive community of teachers to help you along the way.


Start exploring the world of face yoga and natural rejuvenation.


Enjoy the pre-recoreded sessions and a lifetime access.

Become Certified

Add face yoga to your existing services & become an internationally certified face yoga pro.


Connect with other face yogis and holistic practitioners.


You’re a complete beginner and want to learn the basics of face yoga and holistic rejuvenation techniques.


You want to learn how to naturally sculpt your client’s face with face exercises, massages, and acupressure.


You know face yoga can offer so much more than quick fixes and risky beauty procedures with poor results.


You want to offer a new holistic approach to beauty, mental health, and confidence to your clients.



If so, we'd love to welcome you in the Fit Face family.

Let's explore the face yoga essentials together

Face Yoga Teacher Certification is the best way to start your journey to become an expert in the face yoga field because it teaches you the essentials in an easy-to-understand manner. It is pre-recorded and self-paced, which means you can move as fast or as slow as you want, as long as you complete your student presentation within three months of purchasing the program. By the end of this program, you will know:

The principles and values of the Fit Face Method 

Key face exercises for large and small muscles

Face massage, breathing and meditation techniques

Facial acupressure points and benefits


Mental health and self-confidence

Instead of just offering to teach face exercises, ALL Fit Face sessions begin with paying attention to the client’s mental health- ensuring they start their session with a more positive approach to themselves.


Relaxation and detoxification
At Fit Face, we use a combination of breathing techniques and lymphatic drainage methods to detoxify and wake up the face. Improve your skin’s health, tone, and elasticity with regular practice.


Face Exercises
Facial exercises are a complete facial workout covering all the muscles of the face, which effectively improves skin tone, elasticity, reduces fine lines, and detoxifies the skin.


Self-applied face massage
Learning self-applied massage is such a wonderful tool as the main thing you need is your own hands! When you become acquainted with key face massage techniques you can do your own facelift at home.


Pre-recorded 2 hour session


Pre-recorded 2,5 hour session


Pre-recorded 2,5 hour session


Pre-recorded 2,5 hour session

one time payment



Pay for the program in full  & get 50% off your first beauty tool purchase


96 X 6 usd

You pay for the teacher training program in 6 interest free instalments of 96 USD.

Why you should get your face yoga certification now?

Right now, there is a huge desire for a holistic approach to beauty and natural rejuvenation. Face yoga and beauty tools are growing more and more popular, which means it’s the perfect time to start your own face yoga business or add face exercises to your existing services. To make sure you’re using proper techniques and exercises, it’s crucial you join a qualified face yoga certification program & internationally accredited program  that can equip you with proven and effective methods. 

Here is what our certified teachers think of the program


www.pheonixrising.ae/emmawaldron Fit Face Teacher

“I have truly enjoyed training and working with Dora over the last couple of years. Deepening my understanding of Face yoga has empowered me to feel less concerned about aging, and to embrace growing older.
It has been a wonderful addition to my existing yoga business, my clients have loved learning face toning techniques. It has made such an impact on how they see and feel about themselves, and their approach to self-care. Clients really glow and and relax with fit face sessions.”


Fit Face Level 1Teacher

“I chose Fit Face because I felt instantly connected to Dora who is roughly the same age as me and also has toddler. I felt like my face was beaming until last March, but then the stress of the pandemic started showing on my face.
Physically, my face looks brighter and because of the more radiant glow, I noticed my mood becoming more consistent and content. The course has allowed me to add another offering to my role as a Yoga teacher and the student base is excited! I especially valued the flexibility of the course!”


Feel truly empowered in your own skin and help others feel more confident, empowered, and beautiful.

Master all the face yoga essentials and learn how to transform your skin and face at home.

Teach others how to do face exercises and self-applied face massage by creating individualised beauty routines.

Have a strong grasp of beauty tools such as gua sha and jade rollers & be able to create face sculpting routines with the same.

Have the opportunity to apply for our scholarship for the Master of Face Yoga Program which is our advanced course and covers topics like face mapping, administered face massage, advanced facial acupressure & more.


Still craving for more information? Then explore further...


Yes, all the lessons in this course are pre-recorded. You are only required to show up live for your student presentation, which will be held live every 20th of the month. You can start teaching Fit Face techniques only after your certification is completed, which is after your live student presentation that you’re required to complete within 3 months from buying the program.

You can access all teh content through the course platform we use – KAJABI. Upon paying for the program you’ll be sent your login credentials and acces to the course. All the content will be waiting for your there.

Yes, you have lifetime acces to the course and all the materials in it.

No exams, just a student presentation you’re required to do live in order to complete the certification. You will be asked to prepare a short 15 minute face yoga routine and present it to your trainer. Student presentations will be held live every 20th of the month and you’re required to complete it within 3 months of buying the program in order to get certified.

Approximately 3 hours weekly, if you want to finish the material within a month, but you’re welcome to move as fast as you’d like. The only thing we ask is that you show up for your final presentation within 3 months of buying the program. Student presentations are held live every 20th of the month.

You can start teaching the face exercises, massages , and other techniques after you formally finish your certification – recieve your certificate.

Some of the amazing face yoga transformations

One of the biggest dilemmas we face in the world of face yoga is “do face exercises really work?” At Fit Face, we not only firmly believe in face yoga, but we also combine it with face massages, acupressure, and affirmations to make it even more potent. Here are some amazing transformations from our team and clients that prove regular practice can indeed lift, tone, and rejuvenate your appearance – the natural way.

Before After


7 year difference

Before After


3 month difference

Ready to join the Fit Face face yoga teacher training?


one time payment

575 usd

Pay for the program in full  & get 50% off your first beauty tool purchase

SIX instalments

6 x 96 usd

You pay for the teacher training program in 6 instalments of  96$.


Reach out to our team and we’ll be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have about our face yoga teacher training program.