Advanced Level - 30 hours

The Master of Face Yoga Certification Course is perfect for those looking to dive deeper into the world of holistic aesthetics and get an exhaustive understanding of face building, face massage, anatomy, and much more. Apart from mastering over 25 face exercises and various self-applied face massage techniques, you will also learn how to administer a face massage, sequence exercises, create beauty routines. You’ll also learn the ins and outs of Chinese face mapping, facial acupressure, and more.

This course is internationally accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, a UK based institution.


Dive deeper into advanced techniques and exercises.


Hi-touch learning approach 


Become the master of the Fit Face method.


Ask us anything you want during office hours.

Our Master of Face Yoga Course is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, because we put the quality of your education in first place.

This UK based institution founded in 2005 dedicated to maintaining a global standard in various holistic therapies, so you can confidently teach from anywhere in the world!


You’re passionate about holistic aesthetics and would like to invest in a globally accredited course taught by leading experts from around the globe.


If you’re already a beauty professional and looking to add a more advanced level of face yoga expertise to your offering.


You want to administer Fit Face signature face massage on your clients as a part of your offering.


You want a high-touch learning approach with intimate live sessions that will help you stay committed to completing the course.


You’re ready to take your business to another level and invest in your expansion and education.

If so, we'd be honored to have you continue your education with Fit Face.

Let's master the field of face yoga together

This course will give you the tools you need to become an expert in the field of face yoga and natural rejuvenation. By the end of the program, you will have a profound understanding of the Fit Face methodology trusted by 1000s of women worldwide and chosen by leading beauty brands such as Chanel, Vichy, L’Occitane, and more! By the end of this program, you will know:

All about facial anatomy, skin, and lymphatic system

Advanced facial acupressure and face mapping

Key face exercises for large and small muscles

Face massage, breathing and meditation techniques

How to administer our signature Fit Face massage

The ins and outs of Fit Face Method and how to use it for your business


Mental health and self-confidence

Instead of just offering to teach face exercises, ALL Fit Face sessions begin with paying attention to the client’s mental health- ensuring they start their session with a more positive approach to themselves.


Relaxation and detoxification
At Fit Face, we use a combination of breathing techniques and lymphatic drainage methods to detoxify and wake up the face. Improve your skin’s health, tone, and elasticity with regular practice.


Face Exercises
Facial exercises are a complete facial workout covering all the muscles of the face, which effectively improves skin tone, elasticity, reduces fine lines, and detoxifies the skin.


Self-applied face massage
Learning self-applied massage is such a wonderful tool as the main thing you need is your own hands! When you become acquainted with key face massage techniques you can do your own facelift at home.


Pre-recorded 2,5 hour session
Released 15th June


LIVE ZOOM 2,5 hour session
29th June 4pm CET 2024


LIVE ZOOM 2,5 hour session
13th JULY 2024


LIVE ZOOM 2,5 hour session
27th JULY 4pm CET


ZOOM 2,5 hour session
23rd August




1950 USD



Four installments

4 x 422.5 usd



You can still benefit from our early bird prices that can be applied  in 4 interest-free instalments of 422.5$. You will be billed monthly 4 times in a row. You can still save 260 USD with this option.

Why you should get your face yoga certification now?

Right now, there is a huge desire for a holistic approach to beauty and natural rejuvenation. Face yoga and beauty tools are growing more and more popular, which means it’s the perfect time to start your own face yoga business or add face exercises to your existing services. To make sure you’re using proper techniques and exercises, it’s crucial you join a qualified face yoga certification program that can equip you with proven and effective methods.

Here is what our certified teachers think of the program & WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE TESIMONIALS!


Fit Face Teacher

“Before choosing the Fit Face Teacher training I had done a couple of online sessions with Emma Waldron during last year’s lockdown and loved it. I struggle with wrinkles because of a condition called EDS – the collagen in my body breaks down quicker, hence less elastic skin. I suffered from a chronic migraine after receiving botox and noticed wrinkles in the non-injected areas, so I stopped.


Face Yoga has helped soften some of the deeper set wrinkles and erased the others. It also allowed me to experiment with certain exercises to see if they can assist with the restoration of my forehead area.  I recommend this course to all aspiring face yogis, even if you don’t intend to teach. Dora & Emma are both wonderful teachers and I enjoyed listening to them!”


Fit Face Teacher

‘I have absolutely enjoyed the Fit Face Method teacher training with Dora & the Fit Face Team! I started looking into face yoga as something I would be able to provide my clients as an additional way to assist in their skin health goals. 


As a holistic aesthetician, I strive to provide non-invasive beauty methods that will help to lift & empower my clients to feel their very best. I enjoy that I can offer my clients the exercises best suited for them to use at home. I love face yoga because there are no additional tools necessary other than your hands & 10-15 minutes of these facial exercises thought, I have seen excellent results. 


The course itself is straightforward to follow & there was so much value provided in it’s content. If you’re thinking about doing the teacher training, go for it! I cannot recommend the Fit Face teacher training enough.


Get in-depth knowledge on facial anatomy, skin structure, lymphatic system, facial expressions, and what kind of wrinkles they can cause.


Master all the advanced face yoga techniques, massages, acupressure, and face mapping.


Teach others how to do face exercises and self-applied face massage by creating individualized beauty routines.


Administer a Fit Face face massage and put it among your existing offerings and services

Still craving for more information? Then explore further...


No, lessons in modules 1 and 6 are pre-recorded. While we do recommend you attend all the other sessions live to keep you accountable, you are only required to show up live for your student presentation in module 5. You can start teaching Fit Face techniques only after your certification is completed, which is after your live student presentation is over and you receive your certificate.

You can access all the content through the course platform we use – KAJABI. Upon paying for the program you’ll be sent your login credentials and access to the course. Module 1 is pre-recorded and will be available right away and module 6 will be released one week prior. All the recordings of the live sessions will be uploaded within 24-hours.

Yes, you have lifetime acces to the course and all the materials in it.

No exams, just a student presentation you’re required to do live in order to complete the certification. You will be asked to prepare a 20-minute face yoga routine and present it to your trainer. Student presentations will be held live in the 5th week of the course. 

Approximately 3 hours weekly, if you want to finish the material within a month, but you’re welcome to move as fast as you’d like. If you can’t make it to the live sessions you can watch the recordings whenever you have time, the only thing we ask is that you show up for your final presentation in week 5, as it is necessary to complete your certification.

You can start teaching the face exercises, massages , and other techniques after you formally finish your certification – recieve your certificate.

Some of the amazing face yoga transformations

One of the biggest dilemmas we face in the world of face yoga is “do face exercises really work?” At Fit Face, we not only firmly believe in face yoga, but we also combine it with face massages, acupressure, and affirmations to make it even more potent. Here are some amazing transformations from our team and clients that prove regular practice can indeed lift, tone, and rejuvenate your appearance – the natural way.

Before After


7 year difference

Before After


3 month difference

Ready to join the Fit Face face yoga teacher training?


Early bird payment

1690 usd

Pay for the program in full and save more than 300$. Early bird price is applicable until 13th June.

Four installments

4 x 422.5 usd

You pay for the teacher training program in 4 installments of  422.5$.


Reach out to our team and we’ll be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have about our face yoga teacher training program.