We're commited to making you feel better in your skin

After her own struggles with mental health and suffering from a potentially fatal infection of facial bones in 2014, Isadora discovered face yoga as a healing tool primarily for herself. After realizing how much it could help others, it became her mission to learn as much as possible about this ancient technique and to share it with the world.


She had dedicated years to understanding face muscles and facial anatomy- a subject she found fascinating and very underappreciated. How can we spend so much time on the muscles of our body but completely forget facial muscles?


Through her practice she discovered how much our face not only affects how people perceive us BUT also how we feel about ourselves.

Did you know that our ‘facial posture’ can reveal so much about us? Whether we are unknowingly frowning, smiling or raising our forehead constantly can affect our face BUT also our own moods. Although face fitness teaches to move & strengthen the face muscles – it also makes us more aware of them & we learn to relax our face more throughout the day.


Through all these concepts- she also realized that she was constantly grinding her teeth which is an indication of anxiety & anger. Isadora developed a holistic daily ritual designed to tackle the aesthetic but also emotional issues she had at the time.


Everyday she set up her mirror, gathered her favorite face oils and would begin with:

  • Self-confidence meditation: She would point out 3 things she LOVED about her face
  • Facial acupressure stimulation for relaxation & detoxification
  • A mix of self-applied face massage & face exercises to target her issues.
  • Jade rolling & gua sha drainage
  • Finally breathing and meditation to finish.


This healing ritual ended up being the footprint for the FIT FACE signature workshop attended by thousands of women globally- it was truly the beginning of a beauty revolution & a company who’s message to women is to ‘embrace it all & look forward to a more mature you’. 


Fit Face was eventually chosen by global brands such as Chanel, Natura Bisse, Boots Pharmacy & more to introduce their clients to the power of our face muscles.  The company is also known for their beauty tools such a gua sha which are available on www.faces.com 


“The core of this company is it’s mission; to create happy and healthy women that look forward to aging instead of looking back. We are all about positivity & confidence & NEVER about pointing out flaws” – Isadora Peric

#PROAGING. Why are we always anti-aging? Why can’t we live our life looking forward to the next step? Just the way nature intended it.  We want you to get excited about a more mature YOU– because it can be a better version!


Once you feel good about the next stage of your life, we also love to make you look better! You’d like more sculpted cheeks? We can help! Struggling with a saggy neck? Don’t stress- there are simple exercises & lifestyle changes you can make that will really help with these issues.


A good starting point? Our e-book  will introduce you to face yoga in a simple & non-nonsense manner and get you started with a few key exercises & massages to being your journey.