The Power Of the Glow Roller - Fit Face Method
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power of the glow roller

The Power of the Glow Roller

Get brighter skin with our needle-less derma roller

Our GLOW ROLLER is back, our best selling dermaroller has numerous benefits and power of the glow roller can be used for improving texture, diminishing fine lines, improving product penetration and so much more.

It is also known for being a gentler version of the dermaroller, which means it’s suitable for almost everyone.

BUT first, let’s find out if the GLOW ROLLER is for your specific skin type and problem areas!

The GLOW ROLLER is your beauty tool of choice if you have the following skin issues:

  1. Dull complexion– the glow roller helps increase circulation and boosts the lymphatic system on the face.

  2. Fine lines from dryness/sun exposure/natural aging- the glow roller will gently work on eliminating signs of aging by increasing product penetration & helping your skin renew itself faster.

  3. Stubborn wrinkles around the mouth and between the brows

  4. Dry skin that needs gentle exfoliation

So are you ready to have healthier looking skin? Then power of the glow roller can help you Watch the below tutorial and get FREE SHIPPING when shopping for the next 24 hours!

Did you know we have international shipping? The GLOW ROLLER can now travel all the way to the USA, Europe and anywhere in Asia from sunny Dubai!