Master of Face Yoga


The Master of Face Yoga Certification Course is perfect for those looking to dive deeper into the world of holistic aesthetics and get an exhaustive understanding of face building, face massage, anatomy, and much more. Apart from mastering over 30 face exercises and 15 self-applied face massage techniques, you will also learn how to administer a face massage, sequence exercises, and create beauty routines. You’ll also learn the ins and outs of Chinese face mapping, facial acupressure, and more. 

Master of Face Yoga Schedule
Module 1: 25th September (pre-recorded)
2.5 hours
Facial Anatomy Advanced
The Skin
The Lymphatic System
Facial Expressions
Homework: Level 1 Exercises
Module 2: 8th October (live)
2.5 Hours
Advanced Face Exercises
Facial exercises for big muscle groups
Facial exercises for small muscle groups
Homework: Beauty Tool Guide
Module 3: 22nd October (live)
2.5 horus
Administering a face massage
Guest Expert’s Annelise Hagen’s workshop
Self-applied face massage
Homework: Basic Facial Acupressure (level 1)
Module 4: 5th November (live)
Advanced facial acupressure with Emma Waldron
Chinese face mapping
Homework: Sequencing & intuitive teaching, prepare presentation
Module 5: 19th October (live)
Payment Options
  • (4 interest-free payments)
    • 4 interest-free payments $422.50 Get 4 Month Payment Plan For Master of face yoga - Express (Early Bird)

Key Features:

  • Internationally accredited
  • High-touch with teachers
  • Features global experts
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