We're commited to making you feel better in your skin

The Fit Face approach is holistic & combines mental health & emotional wellbeing with natural rejuvenation techniques such as face exercises, face massage and more.


When envisioning the company,  for the Fit Face team it was all about how women will not only look after their consultation but how they will feel. Will they leave the workshops more stressed out with yet another ‘anti-aging’ program to add to their beauty to-do list or will they feel relieved & excited about the future and happy to incorporate face yoga into their routines?


This question was a key part in buiding the suqence in which we run our sessions or workshops, begining with mental health & then moving on to the rest- because our NR.1 aim is for you to walk out more POWERFUL & more POSTIVE.

Relaxation and detoxification

At Fit Face we use a combination of breathing techniques and lymphatic drainage methods to detoxify and wake up the face. Improve your skin’s health, tone, and elasticity with regular practice.

Mental health and self-confidence

Instead of just offering to teach face exercises,  ALL Fit Face sessions begin with paying attention to the client’s mental health- ensuring they start their session with a more positive approach to themselves.

Face Exercises


Facial exercises are a complete facial workout covering all the muscles of the face, which effectively improves skin tone, elasticity, reduces fine lines, and detoxifies the skin.

It is often overlooked that our face has over 43 muscles, which play a key part in our aging process. Exercising and relaxing those muscles on a daily basis will not only show immediate positive effects but will also allow you to maintain a youthful appearance for many years to come.

Short-term: Glowing skin, increased circulation, detoxification, incresed skin product absorbtion.

Long-term: Increased muscle strength, lifting of skin, opens up eyes, relaxes facial posture and sculpts the face.

Face Massage


  • Self-applied

Learning self-applied massage is such a wonderful tool as the main thing you need is your own hands! When you become acquainted with key face massage techniques you can do your own facelift at home.  

You can tackle eye puffiness, dark circles, get more contoured cheeks, lift the neck, and much more. It’s a perfect combination with the face exercises- as face massages especially deep tissue will further lift the muscles and can even smooth out frown lines, fine lines around the eyes, and more.

Over the last few years, we have tried & tested 100s of trending beauty tools and came up with a collection that you can use at home which will further help with all your skin issues. 


  • Fit Face Signature Massages

Our signature treatments Lunchtime Facelift & Facebootcamp are available through our retail partners in the Middle East. If you’d like to become a partner contact us here: isidoraperic@gmail.com