Can I do face yoga with botox? | The Fit Face Method
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Can I do face yoga with botox or fillers?

Love it or hate it, Botox is one of the proven ways you can reduce  wrinkles and prevent unwanted facial movements – so does a consistent face yoga practice.

Yes, if you had botox or fillers you can still do face yoga. Just because it’s a different rejuvenating technique, it doesn’t mean you have to choose between one and the other. 

Over the years we’ve seen many faces and our general conclusion is that if you’d like to do both. Getting a little botox on the forehead or a tiny amount around the eyes will work well with face yoga and facial massage techniques.


That being said, you need to wait for at least four to six weeks after your botox injection before starting the exercise. However, do talk to your doctor first and make sure to get a green light for facial exercise. 

Most of the time, you’ll have to wait 6 weeks after the botox injection before starting with facial exercise or facial massage. 

Keep in mind that facial exercises can make botox injections wear off a bit faster. You’ll might also have some difficulty activating the muscles from the start since botox paralyzes the tissue around the wrinkles.


With fillers the story is a bit different – it depends on where they are. If you just had fillers in your lips, you can exercise the rest of the face. Avoid massaging your lips after having fillers to prevent them from moving around and altering your desired look.

If you have had cheek fillers, you’ll probably want to avoid doing cheek exercises for a while. Since the filler can move around before it completely settles. 

However, don’t eliminate face exercises completely because of that fear.  You want to keep your cheek muscles strong since they contribute to the overall look of the face. 

Just to be on the safe side, do wait a couple of weeks and consult your doctor before proceeding with face yoga. 


The forehead and eye area are one of the most popular places to get botox because they are quite expressive during the day. 

We move muscles in those areas involuntarily a lot. So a little bit of botox there might help to prevent and treat some of the wrinkles and lines there. 

We generally don’t recommend botox for cheek muscles, lip muscles, and neck because these areas respond to face exercise really quickly. 

We can lift them and bring more volume with exercises easily. We have seen this on many different faces over the years.

The forehead is the most challenging area to smooth with face yoga, especially if you already have deep lines. You can make it happen, but it does need a lot of attention and work.

I hope this was helpful! Please comment and share if you think someone could benefit from this information 🙂