What Is Face Yoga And How Does It Work?
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What Is Face Yoga And How Does It Work?

Face yoga is not just an exercise for the facial muscles. It’s one of the most potent tools to improve our looks and well-being the natural way. In the following guide, we’ll explore how face yoga works, why it works, and how you can start practicing it the right way.

What is face yoga? 

Face yoga is a natural rejuvenating technique that uses facial exercises to strengthen, tone, lift, and relax the facial muscles. When practiced correctly and consistently, it offers a natural facelift and a more youthful appearance.  It increases blood circulation to the skin, muscles, and underlying tissue, which oxygenates the cells deep within to detoxify and nourish the face effectively. It is a non-toxic, non-invasive, safe, and inexpensive rejuvenating method that you can do in the comfort of your home. 

How does face yoga work?

Face yoga is based on muscle resistance training – applying pressure with your hands and training the muscle by resisting that pressure. As a result, your cheeks lift and get more volume, your double chin disappears, your neck tightens, and your face becomes firm and fit.   

There are 57 muscles on our face and neck, and we don’t use over half of them. They represent 60% of your facial structure and are much smaller than the muscles of the body. All muscles respond to exercise, by increasing in volume; the facial ones are no different. But because they are smaller, they respond faster, and you get results quicker.  

 However, if you don’t use, activate, and train your muscles, this is  what happens:


When you don’t use the muscles, it starts to shrink and lose volume (a lot like when you break a limb and wear a cast that constricts movement). Muscles and fat are responsible for the overall shape of your face. When the muscle shrinks and the fat layer starts to deteriorate, the skin doesn’t have enough surface to stretch over. In turn, it starts to get wrinkly and starts to sag.


Muscles in our faces are closely connected and greatly influence each other when gravity starts pulling them down. Atrophied muscles are more susceptible to that. The bigger, heavier muscles start to press on the smaller ones, concentrating on the lower part of the face. Because the skin is attached to the outer muscle layers on our faces, it starts to sag too, creating gravitational folds (like nasolabial folds) on your face. 


Muscle tension is a direct result of our facial posture and stress levels. When we squint, worry, frown, or clench our jaw, muscles can become tense and painful. People usually feel the tension in the jaw area (especially if they grind their teeth) which can progress over time and cause bruxism and headaches. 

As your muscles grow stronger, they enlarge and begin taking up more space in the pocket just below your face skin. They help to hold fat pockets in place as well, which prevents them from slipping and creating the facial  “droop.”

When you do facial exercises, you gradually activate and gain control over all of your facial muscles. This keeps them toned and lifted and helps you PREVENT or REDUCE wrinkles and uncontrolled facial movement. 

Face yoga also increases oxygen flow and blood circulation in your muscles, skin, brain, and glands. This promotes collagen and elastin production – nurturing your skin from the inside out.

When combined with natural skincare, proper nutrition, and other facial rejuvenation techniques will eliminate your need for botox, fillers, or any other invasive forms of cosmetic surgery.

Think of it as a non-surgical and completely natural way to get an instant facelift.